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Dear Team Parents,

We are starting a basketball team called the Illuminators (Team colors are blue and orange chosen to honor Conner Newcomb who passed into the arms of Jesus three years ago). Conner loved the Chicago Bears whose team colors are blue and orange.

We are so glad for your interest. The Illuminators is sponsored by Arts Illuminate Home School Dance and Recreation Youth Center, and will be coached by Sam Arena (An Experienced Youth Sports Coach - See His Biography Below!). 

We have put together a Modified Team that currently includes four players who are all in 8th grade! 

You can watch us play on February 9 at the School of the Deaf, and on March 11 at Conner's Game of Care at Elim Bible Institute. 

Thank you and Go Illuminators!

Sandy, Sam and Caleb Arena 

Biography of Sam Arena
Sam Arena has spent nearly 40 years playing or coaching in athletics. His
playing days started at the age of seven, and he has played football,
basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, and boxing. He played athletically
through youth, high school, and played football through the college level.
He has coached youth teams in soccer, baseball, basketball and football.
His most recent tenure was serving as coach for the Pittsford Youth Football
organization for 6 years (2009-2015).