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When Caleb first started playing football, he was eight years old. He played the positions of defensive tackle and offensive tackle. A year later, he started playing basketball. His positions for that sport was power forward and center. 
Caleb's basketball team was a little above average that year and his football team almost made the playoffs. 

The next year, it was more of the same, but this time Caleb got to start in his second year of football. Still though, they were just above average in basketball and were one game away from the playoffs. 

The next year, Caleb moved up a level in football and was now playing level  B. He was playing sixth grade basketball, and fifth and six grade grade football. In this year of football, he was still playing the same positions, but this time they went all the way to the championship.  Although they lost, it was still a very successful year. In basketball it was still the same as all the years before. 

 In the next year of football, Caleb's team finally won the championship. They went 8-0  this year also had a position change for Caleb.  He went from offensive tackle to tight end.  He scored two touchdowns to go with his championship! This year in basketball was a little better than the rest.  He says this was his funnest year to this date. 

The next year in football, his team made the playoffs, but lost. There were no touchdowns for Caleb, but he gave a great effort on the defense playing linebacker, stand up defensive end, and defensive tackle.  Caleb was playing a grade above him this year for basketball also. 

The next year was Caleb's best year for football. He never came out of the game once for the whole year and he played a lot of positions such as defensive tackle, running back, wide receiver, stand up defensive end, and offensive guard. His team went all the way championship, but sadly they lost. This year in basketball, Caleb's team is probably the  most talented he has played on.